We are a company that aims to deliver where it matters most- to protect people, give comfort, and provide the best and most efficient products and services available. We do not just establish a business, build a website, and sell products to make a profit. Our goal in AVPlus is to innovate and make life easier for people.

As a member of Bioenergy Europe

Our company is a member of the Bioenergy Europe. This means that we share the same advocacies as the other companies who are also members of the organization.

Bioenergy Europe is a nonprofit group based in Brussels. The organization sets standards and policies as a guide for companies who are in the biomass industry. Not only does the group consist of companies and businesses but it also included people from universities and institutes who can make great distributions in the development of criteria in making use of biomass technology.

As part of a 90-company strong organization, we will strive to maintain the best services and do everything to protect not just people but also the environment and the surrounding communities where we operate.

Heating Systems

Our research and development team gets most of our budget every year to develop efficient and effective heating systems. These heating systems can easily be modified and customized based on your needs. You can depend on our heating systems to sustain the load that you want for your residential and commercial space.

Many people across Europe and around the world rely on us to provide heating systems for their homes and offices. Our customers range from normal 4-occupancy home to 20-story buildings. If you need heating systems on your area, just approach us and we will design the product for you. We even give special discounts to nonprofit associations that help people, animals, and the environment.

Fuel products

A heating system will not function according to design if it does not have any fuel to burn. We offer high-quality fuel products for you. From wood pellets to briquettes, we have all of them for you. You can browse through our pages to check out our recent items. Watch out for coupon codes on products when you shop online.