Related Services

Our main business focuses on the production of customized heating systems for home and commercial use. We can provide you with different styles and design based on your needs. In line with this, we need to visit your area, make measurements, and recommend the best one for you.

Aside from heating systems and fuel products, we also offer the following services:

Modification of existing heating systems

If you have existing heating systems installed in your area, we can assess your unit and see if we can make modifications on the system. It depends on a lot of factors including, but not limited to, wall loss, quality of metal used, type of unit used for burning fuel, current pipe manifold status, and accumulation of rust.

If we deem it necessary to replace the whole system, then we will make recommendations on the best system to use. But if you can save more by converting the system into a more upgraded unit, then we will give you a customized design. After we transform them into more usable and more efficient structures, you can expect more heat at a lesser cost. Once assembled and tested, it will feel like an Amsterdam holiday for you in the winter season.

Research and development

We have one of the most comprehensive and elaborate facilities in the country. We invested in some of the most innovative machines and laboratories available on the market. We want to be the best by getting the best products and hiring top-notch people who can help us with our research.

Our goal is to continuously improve our heating systems by upgrading the materials, improving the process cost, increasing the efficiency of fuels, decreasing manufacturing time, and improving heat conversion.

But we are not restricting our facilities just on our own. As we have said, we want to make the world a better place. And we are opening our laboratories and research tools and devices to anyone who wants to increase their sales, improve their technology, and satisfy the needs of their customers. Buy website traffic and get more customers through product improvement and innovation.